Kitcware's New Products Arrival!

by Kitcware Store on Jul 21, 2021

Kitcware's New Products Arrival!


It's mid-year and we can't wait to announce that our annual mid-year sales is underway. Have a look at all the range of our products. But, that's not all, anyone wanna hear the big surprise? We're also giving out free shipping to all of our beloved customers. We know how hard it is right now currently with the pandemic ongoing. 


More arrival, more to choose, and more to like!


Now let's summarize and take a look at what were offering.



Our detox water tumblr is a great way for any family members or friends to freshen up. At the pricing of RM9.90, it's not only affordable and stylish. It's also great for portability as it's small enough to take it anywhere on the go.
It's capacity is 500ml of fresh hydration.


Cooler bags are something that you don't think of but when the circumstances comes. You probably need it more than anything. Imagine being able to go shopping and having a trusty cooler bag to keep all of your food fresh till you get back home. That's what Cooler Bag does.
It's light as a feather of 230g.

Probably the best things for any buyers out there is an ice bucket. A proven way to get your beer bottle a quick freeze and enjoy its frisky alcoholic wonders. It also helps that it's 2500ml and a proven way for a great evening for any beer enthusiast.
Materials made of high tempered glass.

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